COVID-19 Updates, Protocols & Waiver


To our Amazing Guests


We want to sincerely thank you for your patience during this unforeseen situation. We'd like you to know that the health and safety of our guests, staff, as well as the entire community is the most important to us. At this time, we would like to announce we will reopen on Friday, May 8th. 


We know our guests expect the highest standards at AROMAZ; and we are still committed to providing that even during this challenging time. We believe the safest way to handle the salon situation is to treat everyone, including ourselves, as if anyone of us could be infected. 


Our plan is to go beyond what is recommended to ensure a safe visit for our guests. The following list will outline those protocols; as well as, inform you of what to expect upon returning to the salon.


We understand that you are all eager to be rescheduled. We have had to cancel many appointments over the past few weeks. We will personally call each guest whose appointment was cancelled beginning May 4-8th. To be fair to all, calls will be in order of original appointments. Again, we appreciate your patience as we navigate through this new process.

· Upon arrival of your appointment please call or text your stylist to have them check you in with our new protocol guidelines.  

· Only customers receiving a service will be allowed in the salon. 

· No more than 12 people will be allowed in the salon at any one time

· We have set up an entry station for sanitation & communication upon arrival

·In each area all stations, tools, and equipment will be sanitized/disinfected between each client

· Masks will be mandatory with no exceptions. Do not remove your mask during your's to be worn through the entirety of your session.

· It is not mandatory to wear gloves as long as you are following hand sanitizing procedures.

· All staff members have updated certifications on Sanitation Protocols via Barbacide ™ and

·We are temporarily suspending complimentary services  we offer ie. beverages

· Please understand if you are getting a color retouch, you may have an up-charge for your color because of the need to use more color than usual 

· Cancellation/No-Show Policy- We will not be penalizing for any last-minute cancellations due to being sick. However, please provide us with notification as soon as possible so we can adjust our schedules accordingly. We are trying our best to get every client back in as soon as possible and we need your help.

 · Confirming your appointment- if you do not confirm 24hrs prior to your appointment you will lose your appointment and be charged a $25 fee or 25% of your total service cost. Once again, please understand we have many clients waiting to be serviced so your prompt communication is very IMPORTANT to us. 

Rest assured, we hope to get back to a sense of normalcy so we may offer the valued service we are known to provide to our clients. These protocols will continue to be  adjusted  and refined as needed, and we will continue to keep you informed every step of the way 

We thank you in advance for your understanding with these new set of guidelines. In order for you to receive your scheduled service, in addition; please submit a SIGNED WAIVER to let us know you have READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL REQUIREMENTS LISTED. Your full cooperation will help us out greatly. We look forward to your visit and if you have any questions regarding any information, please let us know. 

For more information on how you can keep yourself, your family, and communities safe please visit the CDC's website for more detailed information.